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Name Drop

Name drop allows you to to drop the DieselJerry name and receive a discount. a list of participating businesses follows.


Boat Hauling

Liberty Marine

Having your boat hauled over the road can be a stressful endeavor. Liberty Marine takes the stress out of it with long experience, integrity and pride. need your boat moved call Dave at Liberty Marine. (603) 546-3134. be sure to mention DieselJerry and get 5% off!


Marine Diesel Techians

Freeport Diesel & Marine

Dom and Tucker are Freeport Natives. Graduates of Maine Maritime Academy with nearly 20 years of combined sea going experience. Ownership of a local engine and machine shop has been a goal of each of theirs since high school. In 2019 the timing was right for them to combine efforts and purchase “Freeport Manufacturing Company” and transform it into Freeport Diesel & Marine. The doors opened for business with the public in late 2020, shop being manned full time starting 2021. Over the years Dom and Tucker have built several engines for friends and themselves. Boats and engines will always be lifelong hobbies. It only made sense to open a shop and share what they enjoy and help people along the way get onto and stay on the water. They are my "go to" resource and great to work with. Drop the DieselJerry name to Dom or Tucker and get 5% off.

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