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Where am I going?

Well, that is a good question? This is not a blog about compass reading or a tutorial on GPS. This is to map out my goals and the destination I want to arrive at. My vision for is a two-part website. One part being the non-member portion consisting of the store and some of the blogs. The members portion will have the store but at a discount, all the blogs and video’s, prop and shaft size calculators, manuals, Name Drop and my marine version of Tell-a-doc, Got your 6! More about that in a bit. The goal... Help boat owners. Boating is expensive and I want to help make it a little more manageable and fun. I really am not looking to be a millionaire. I am looking to use this for retirement and to possibly pass a legacy to my children. I also want to give back. That is why for every $10,000 makes $1,000 will go to the for the senior members there to distribute to students looking to get into a marine trade. is where I got started and has helped me and my family in more ways than can be counted.

Got your 6 is a military expression that comes from a soldier having your back. I want to have your back. I want you to be able to email or call with your boating needs and get an answer. Anything from engine issues to composite questions, electrical to plumbing. Available members only, the member would simply hit the “Got your 6” button on the site. Type in your issue with contact info. Then a member of the knowledge board would field the question either by emailing or if needed a phone call.

Now what is it going to take to get to where I want it. I need to post more blogs and get more traffic coming to my site. This would make it look lucrative for prospective investors. I need to carry more products. Not just any products. I will be picky on what I carry. I really would like to get RE Thomas and Blue Sea’s onboard, do you suggest any others? SWAG! I need to get hoodies, hats, t-shirts and mugs available. I want to see flags on boats at the Lobsterboat Races. I want to see stickers on trucks and cars! I need to sell more products and eventual hire more staff for editing and marketing. How is this going to happen? You! My readers, my friends, and my family. Share my links, comment on my blogs, buy some oil, buy some Durabrite lights.

That is, it. That is what I want to accomplish. My destination and goals printed and published for all the world to see. It’s on! I welcome any comments, encouragement and constructive criticism. Thanks to all for your support.

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