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New from Durabrite! The Explorer X7

Nano Sport is the most powerful, beautiful, and lowest draw light in its class today. Durabrite engineers take it to the next level by pairing it with a snap-on 100Wh Li-ion battery to combine exceptional brightness and ultimate mobility.

As a result, the Explorer X7 is born.

This Red Dot Design Winner weighs in at just over 4 pounds and can run in excess of 2 hrs in full blast mode. The rugged on-body dimmer gives user the ability to adjust optical output with ease and also to prolong run time as needed. The Explorer also comes with a cleverly engineered all-terrain stabilizing base that twist-locks onto the light bracket. With the stabilizer attached to the bottom, it elevates the light and allows you to place it on a pile of dirt, sand, rocks, mud, and on grass, a boulder, and even on a slope where the light will stay perfectly balanced without toppling. The resin it's made of is resistant to UV, chemicals, extreme temperatures, making it practically unbreakable.

The Explorer X7 feels so good in your hand it's the perfect tool for exploratory and searching activities due to its long range, wide coverage, rugged construction, and practical runtime. Bring with you a few backup battery packs, and there is nowhere you cannot conquer. When attached to available mounts, it can also be set up on any surface of your truck or boat as a wireless lighting source that can point to exactly where you want lit.

Get your Explorer X7 today and Explore with Durabrite! Explorer X7 Kit includes*: Qty1 - Black Nano Sport w/ on-body dimmer Qty1 - Integrated black anodized aluminum bracket Qty1 - 100Wh battery with integrated fixed handle Qty1 - All-terrain twist-lock stabilizer Qty1 - Power plug Qty1 - Battery charger Bonus - Durabrite Explorer Gear Bag (for the first 200 buyers) -- *Footnote: For existing Nano Sport owners, you may convert your light into an Explorer X7 with a conversion kit which includes all items above except for the Nano Sport light.

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