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About DieselJerry

Hello! … It's past time that I introduce you to... well, me!

My name is Jerry Farnham. I was born the son of a lobsterman and, at the time, a shrimp picker. I started going sternman with my father at age 6. Man, I couldn't wait for summer vacation to get back on the boat. For the next 13 years I went sternman every summer. I even fished my own traps from a 12- foot skiff. It was a wonderful time in my life, and I learned a lot, to say the least.

One thing my mother insisted on was getting swim lessons. To help pay for the lessons, she volunteered to help teach at the YMCA swimming pool. She eventually became the Aquatic Director for the pool.

Upon graduation from Boothbay Region High School, I joined the United States Navy and had the privilege of serving this great country for eight and a half years. I did two Med Cruises and was awarded several medals and awards. I worked in the engineering spaces for half my career and base security/police for the second half. I came back to Boothbay Harbor in 2007 and worked various jobs until I attended Marine Mechanical Institute in Orlando Florida. Since then, I have worked at two great boatyards, servicing yachts and work boats, fault tracing issues, and working with customers. During that time I joined the and started building an online presence. While doing product research I came across DuraBrite lights and became a big advocate of their product. So much in fact that they reached out and made me a dealer. Not too long after that I started

So, there you have it. Very humble beginnings, to a very humble company. If you have any questions about me,, or the products I sell, feel free to reach out.

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